Chewing gum remover POLY-4

The cleaning head can be fitted with up to 18 fine nozzles with maximum 350 bar operating pressure. The device is hand-held or used as an accessory for the removal of chewing gum and other stubborn dirt. The chewing gum remover Poly-2 can be used on smooth surfaces with cold water or hot water up to 203 °F. Rough surfaces are cleaned with hot water at 185-203 °F.


Kaugummientferner POLY4

Chewing gum remover - POLY-4
Pressure max. 350 bar
Spray angle Point jet
Temperature max. 95 °C
Housing Nickel-plated brass
Noozle-size (table) 030 - 080
Flow rate max. 34 l/min
Length / Diameter 113 mm / Ø 38 mm
Weight 0,6 kg
Connection see data sheet
Item number
see data sheet


Data sheet  
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Repair kits

Repsatz POLY 2 Duese

Repair kit - Nozzle- and change filter set
Pressure max. 350 bar
Spay angle Point jet
Temperature max. 90 °C
Nozzle-size (table) 030 - 080
Flow rate max. 34 l/min
Weight 0,15 kg
Item number
see data sheet


Data sheet  



Hochdruckpistole 925

Spray gun 925
Pressure max. 280 bar
Temperature max. 150 °C
Flow rate max. 30 l/min
Outlet G 1/4" IG
Connection M22 x 1,5 AG
Item number

Connection rotatable.

Hochdrucklanze POLY 2

High-pressure lance for POLY
Pressure max. 350 bar
Temperature max. 90 °C
Lenght 900 mm
Outlet M22 x 1,5 IG
Connection G 1/4" AG
Item number