Sunblind cleaner LR-180-GTR

What is the best way to clean external blinds?
The easiest way!

External blinds must withstand wind and weather, dirt and emissions. Keeping external blinds clean is not just a question of optical appearance. In order to maintain the value and functionality of cost-intensive external blinds, it is necessary to clean them regularly – and as professionally as possible. Otherwise, environmental influences will affect their surface. This is an unwanted effect which is even made worse by solar radiation.

Your cleaning specialist Cleantecs offers you their LR-180-GTR cleaner which is a clever solution for cleaning your external blinds fast and in an environmentally friendly way. With its low weight of 1.9 kg, the cleaner is easy to use, maintain and care. This is made possible by its innovative motor-less technology with a water turbine propelling the cleaning brushes. The distance between brushes can be individually adjusted with a handle. Due to the quick-change system, brushes can be easily replaced.


Lamellenreiniger LR 180 GTR

Sunblind cleaner - LR-180-GTR
Pressure  120 bar
Temperature 60 °C
Brush-Ø 50, 60, 70, 80, 95 mm
Flow rate  10 l/min
Scale 300 x 320 x 260 mm
Weight ca. 1,9 kg
Connection M22 x 1,5 AG
Item number Ø50
Item number Ø60 0201605
Item number Ø70 0201606
Item number Ø80 0201607
Item number Ø95 0201608
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  • Lamellenreinigung mit LR-180-GTR
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Spindle adjustment

The brushes can be continuously variably adjusted by simply rotating the spindle.

Start Stop


Water supply can be switched directly at the vertical blinds cleaner.



Quick-change system for easy brush replacement.


Spray nozzles

Adjustable spray nozzles.



Device support for smooth depositing - hinged and thus usable as a handle.

50er Lamellen

50 mm blinds

Two additional mounted support brushes prevent damage to the sensitive 50 mm blinds.





Construction LR 180 GTR



BA 0304971 LR 180 R00 ORIGINAL
Operating manual (pdf)
Cover Broschuere LR 180 GTR en
Brochure (pdf)



Hochdruckreiniger HD12 130

High-pressure cleaner HD 12/130 TS
Operating pressure 30 - 130 bar
Permissible overpressure 145 bar
Inlet water temperature 60 °C
Water output 11 l/min
Suction height 1,0 m
Connected load 230 V~, 13,5 A
Power input 2,9 kW
Power output 2,2 kW
Weight 26 kg
Scala (L x W x H) 500 x 240 x 320 mm
Item number

Hochdruckschlauch NW6

HD-flexy hose DN 6
Operating pressure. 300 bar (4350 psi)
Temperature 60 °C (140 °F)
Length 25 m
Connection M22 x 1,5 IG
Outlet M22 x 1,5 IG
Diameter DN 6
Art.Nr. 0500837


This high-pressure hose is provided with a wire mesh sheathing. The top layer is made of rubber and a handle reinforcement is located on the ends. Robust, stable workmanship for professional use

Koffer LR 180 GTR

Transport case
Scala 570 x 550 x 270 mm
Weight ca. 2,0 kg
Item number


Satisfi es the highest demands in terms of transport packaging for our products. The large internal space in combination with our high-stability sandwich frame construction meets strictest requirements. For a maximum of safety for the equipment.

Buersten LR 180 GTR

Brush set (3x)
BrushØ 50, 60, 70, 80, 95 mm
Weight ca. 0,25 kg
Item number Ø50
Item number Ø60 0201058
Item number Ø70 0201059
Item number Ø80 0201060
Item number Ø95 0201061

Spritzschutz LR 180 GTR

Splash guard
Weight 0,2 kg
Item number


The new available splash guard ensures that during cleaning remains dry.

Harzfilter 50L

DI resin filter 50 l
Operating pressure 10 bar
Efficiency 10 °dH 8.000 Liter
Pure water quality < 10 μS/cm
Height / Diameter 120 cm / Ø 25 cm
Operating weight 80 kg
Item number

Wasserfilter WF

Water filter - WF12000 Clean
Efficiency 10 °dH 12.000 Litre
Pressure max. 6 bar
Temperature 4 °C - 60 °C
Height / Diameter 550 / 288 mm
Weight 124 kg
Connection Gardena
Item number (new filter)
Item number (replacement cartridge) 0501092


Data sheet  


The WF12000 Clean with its individually matched filter medium extracts the lime-forming ions from the raw water in a targeted manner.

The result: a partially desalinated water of the highest quality.