The pre-filter consists of polypropylene string, which filters fine particles out of the water such as sand, dirt, suspended solids, calcium carbonate flakes, rust and discolourations where required. Above all, this sediment filter can be used as a pre-filter e.g. with water filter devices or preparation plants. It has an good volumetric flow rate for osmosis systems and therefore produces clean water. Using a special manufacturing process (thread-wrapping process), wrapped thread filters are extremely robust, very effective at picking up dirt and prove their worth due to low differential pressure and a high flow rate. In doing so, the thread filter does not let any particles through due to the size of its pores, which are larger than the µ amount specified.

The water flows through the filter cartridges from the external surface to the core. The thread thickness of the cartridges increases towards the core, whereby the pores become finer and finer and the rougher particles of dirt are already picked up on the surface of the filter cartridge while the smaller ones are picked up inside the core.



Fine filter 1 µ
Flow rate 20 l/min
Operating pressure 6,0 bar
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