DI resin filter 50 l

With a SOLA-TECS C, deionised ultra-pure water is the perfect complement for gently cleaning your photovoltaic system. The resin fi lter instantly produces 100% pure water. Optimal for the residue-free cleaning of PV systems. A practical trolley with large rubber wheels and two fi ne fi lters to pre- and postfi lter water are included in delivery. They ensure residue-free and clean modules.

There are many names for artifi cially created "pure water". Pure water is also known as demineralised water, or deionised water. Both terms describe the state of "pure water", or more precisely: water with the lowest concentration of dissolved substances (ions), which might adversely affect its quality. For a more accurate determination of the water quality, Cleantecs DI resin filters are equipped with a DM-1: DUAL INLINE TDS monitor. This monitor is able to precisely measure the conductivity of water at the water inlet and outlet points. To conserve battery power, the unit automatically turns off after 10 minutes of non-use. Conductance is displayed in the range of 0–999 ppm. The demineralisation cartridge can be removed from the transport trolley and sent in for regeneration; or the mixed-bed resin is replaced with new or regenerated resin upon depletion.


Harzfilter 50L

DI resin filter 50 l
Operating pressure 10 bar
Efficiency 10 °dH 8.000 Liter
Pure water quality < 10 μS/cm
Height / Diameter 120 cm / Ø 25 cm
Operating weight 80 kg
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  • Wasserfilter Harzfilter




Water meter

TDS Messgeraet

Dual TDS meter


Quick opening divice on bottle



Bedienungsanleitung DI Harzfilter
Operating manual (pdf)



Exchange bottle 50 l

Exchange bottle 50 l


Mixed-bed resin

Mixed-bed resin